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We're a well-known digital agency with a great team in TO, and also numerous other locations. We have spare space here at 49 Spadina Ave.. The spacefy folks mentioned that we might find suitable partners to occupy space here (more conventional office work such as software development, marketing agency, etc. -- not the creative uses that are the main focus of We are looking either for individuals or a team of four or fewer who need inspiring, functional space in this great location loaded with cachet. We're fun but quiet, and the majority of our team is distributed in other locations. Our founder (for example) travels a lot and works in other locations 75% of the time. If you're a software, digital, agency, marketing, or similar professional looking for a nice fit, give us a shout. We're looking for *monthly* not daily partners here (like I said, not quite the same as the conventional use of this site). Our lease is through Oct. 2017, in case you're wondering how long you might be able to settle in here. Pricing depends on final allocation of space / your needs, so we need to discuss. Thanks!

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The main rule is this: you have full use of your space as well as the kitchen, and will enjoy cordial rapport with us, but at the end of the day *it is our space*. Keep the kitchen clean. Tolerate our meetings. Lock the exit door if you are the last to leave. No sex on the desk. Be a good citizen. Don't shout into the phone. Please limit office use on the weekends. All common sense.



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