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We are a boutique boxing gym, creative clubhouse, collaborative studio, and culture factory hosting events, photoshoots, concerts, and more..

Located in lower Manhattan, our club was adapted from a series of illegal boxing parties and is now housed in a former activist hangout and after hours club. This legacy is evident, where every aesthetic detail--think exposed brick and pipes, red neon signs, and vintage posters--honors and evokes its historical significance.

The main floor features a regulation sized boxing ring and rows of hanging heavy bags, accented by gallery walls, velvet carpets, and neon signs. A huge glass window makes it entirely visible to people walking by.

In contrast, the downstairs offers a completely private and more intimate setting. Brick walls, exposed pipes, and a dim red glow contribute to its lair-like edge.

On both floors, the open plan can be seamlessly transformed into a production space, music venue, gallery, meeting room, or event spot. The result is a dynamic, multipurpose space that offers a creative backdrop for a number of rental opportunities.

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