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1000sq/ft creative production studio space, with three separated rooms:

separate photo/video studio
music & recording studio
office room (technician only)

Fully refurbished private apartment studio and located on the west side of downtown College street.

Each accommodation features:

- On floor assistance, technician on-call for any accommodation assistance when needed
- Situated on College Street, by Ossington subway, ample parking located
- 5G Wifi
- Heating and A/C
- Kitchen and bathroom
- Cordial management, striving to give exceptional value

We offer two workspaces for both visual and music-based creatives.

Our hours run from 9 AM to 11 PM. 14 hours. We offer accommodations for requests to work after-hours.

** JULY 2021 UPDATE **

Due to website difficulty with Spacefy:
We currently only operate through our website for all booking accommodations.

Please search us RHOZELAND and fill in our form on our website. We will then provide an email invoice for your appropriate booking requests from onwards.

For any questions about this, please inquire me directly through the messages. Thank you for understanding and helping empower independence.

Space Specifications

Floor Space (sq. ft.) :
Maximum Occupancy :


Kitchen :
Full Kitchen (Household)
Washroom :
Residential (Single Occupancy)



Types of Use

Amenities (Photo Studio, Film Studio)

Amenities (Recording Studio, Post Production)

Amenities (Office & Meeting Space)


Cancellation policy: Flexible

100% refund if renter cancels more than 1 day before the start of the booking.
No refund if renter cancels less than 1 day before the start of the booking.


Rhozeland Design bookings will be available exclusively from 9 AM - 2 AM. For special accommodations outside of regular hours, please include the request filling in your booking.

Rhozeland Design now comes with an increased level of technical support. Both the Main and Studio Rooms now come with the support of an on-site technician. For more specialized needs, we also offer a variety of specialists catered to your specific needs.

Each studio now comes with a setlist of associated equipment. This “kit” is included with the booking at no extra cost. At the end of your booking, please ensure all equipment is wrapped, all data is offloaded any all cards are formatted. Place all garbage in the bins provided and ensure the room is returned to its original state.

To allow for full health and safety compliance, Design Studio bookings are subject to cancellation at any time with a full refund, for any reason related to COVID-19 health and safety. Cancellations may be made by the Rhozeland administration. This temporary policy is in place to ensure full compliance with the COVID-19 health screening policy. Please consider this when making your bookings.


Please use the sanitization stations located throughout our space to disinfect surfaces, touchpoints and equipment. We ask that you clean high-touch surfaces before and after use for your own safety and the safety of others.



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I've always had a natural attraction to conceptualizing possibilities and solutions. This inclination has prompted me to pursue multimedia in all forms and embrace the desire to design in all creative fronts during the most redefining years of my life. I've been part of many phenomenal pursuits during my time active, ranging from hands-on to project lead. My online portfolio: https:// [xxxxxxx]


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