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An iconic Montreal Smoked Meat Restaurant. Dunns is a truly loved Quebec institution founded in 1927! From Montreal to the World here in Vancouver.. From the classic Montreal Smoked Meat Deli, Dunn's Famous has now expanded to the Westcoast! Located in the heart of Downtown Vancouver. Myer Dunn founded Dunns Famous Restaurant in 1927.Due to his unique recipe and high quality standards, Dunns Famous quickly became a favorite among Montreals residents and visitors.Today, we continue his tradition of excellence by offering a delicious variety of poutines, sandwiches, soups, salads, wraps and a host of other items that will delight your taste buds.Throughout the years, the one thing that has stayed the same is our commitment to offering authentic recipes made from the finest ingredients. Real food, for Real people.We invite you to visit our Vancouver location and experience one of Montreals favorite delicacies.Bon Apptit!

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Please contact Yonathan Delgado more information. Notification of using our restaurant minimum of 2 weeks. We can do after hours of opening or closing or in between in our slowest hours.



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