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Great location near trendy King / Queen West and have space for 2-4 people to share our open concept, sporty environment. . we also have a storage unit next door, our business is changing (more online) and so we have room to invite someone into our world.some key points.....we have a dog here, sometimes two, our mascot, no deals, he stays, yours are welcome toowe have a fully functioning kitchen, two fridges, one washroom with shower, great open space, huge windows (6), we are on the ground floor and our door exits to a secured, safe back-of-laneway scenario and we have many neighbours (15) around us who both live and work here (so its very safe and off the street so to speak).we have everything needed like desks (older variety), chairs, internet obviously, a new color printer-scanner-copier if you wanted to share this occasionally.....we even have (gasp) two land lines.price is negotiable and we will be picky, no boardroom but within walking distance are many coffee shops and four of these new work-share office spaces so if you needed a monthly escape to book a boardroom that's what we suggest.tall ceilings.....can be a little hot in here in the summer and we need some space heaters for some of the corners here as the heater misses some places.

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we don't really have any rules other than the standard ones of being polite, respecting space and keeping your area in order



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