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Starting Price - 1 hour

This is your host's asking price. Price varies depending on usage so you'll want to message them along with your intended usage (will you be shooting a music video? Photo shoot? Intimate gathering?) And how many people will be in the space? How many hours do you need?

Based on this you'll receive a quote from the host.


Min 2 hours

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Light Rental

Rent our professional photography lights for your shoot.


per booking



★ WHEN INQUIRING please send the following info:

1. Request to BOOK, fill in the times and dates for faster bookings.
2. What is your intended use of our loft? (see USES & RATES)
3. How many people do you plan to have in our loft at any given time?
4. Average age of attendees?
5. Demographic (i.e. university students / young professionals / commercial film crew)
When answering these questions, please also confirm that you understand that this is NOT the event space for your frat, for drunken escapades, and drinking games where you spill alcohol all over the floor. Our floor takes forever to and is difficult to clean, and we a primarily a photo studio throughout the day so we need your commitment to keep it pristine! For that reason, we are an UPSCALE private function event space in the evenings, and we expect that you treat us like one. If you want to have your party somewhere you can throw a bender, our place ain't it. Please read our entire description and rules as this outlines what you may and may not do inside of our space.

*The displayed rate is for CREATIVE USE during the DAY.

- Photography
- Photography workshops and tutorials
- Actor self tapes / audition tapes
- Yoga sessions, and workshops
- YouTube videos & makeup tutorials
- Personal video project with less than 5 total people on set.
- Not sure if your project falls in this category? Just request to book and send us your information!

FILM & COMMERCIAL USE (request quote):
- Film / TV / Broadcasting / PR
- Music videos
- Corporate workshops
- Commercials
- Popup shops

EVENTS** (request quote):
- Private functions
- Events & mixers
- Gatherings
- Box socials

**(see RULES below)

We're typically open from 6am - 11pm. Have an event and want to book us past close? Just ask, we're flexible.

- 14 foot high ceilings. Hard loft.
- 3 Massive South-facing windows. Lots of daylight.
- 1000 sq.feet pecan laminate floor
- Sheer curtains for light diffusion, and velvet black-out drapes
- Big & bright WHITE light makeup and hair vanity accommodates 2 models at a time
- Kitchenette w. mini-fridge, microwave, and toaster oven (use of stove/big oven permitted for extra fee)
- Bluetooth speaker (beneath the TV)
- High-speed guest WiFi
- White leather couch & white leather love seat
- White & Black 4' x 8' v-flats / reflector panels
- Sandbags & backdrop clips
- Multiple coloured backdrops ($6/foot)
- Coat rack, and place to take off outdoor shoes
- Cute patio lights on the ceiling

Sometimes we add things, or take things away and don't have time to photograph the new addition, so if there's something in particular you need from the pictures, please ask if we have it.

1. Electric Blue LED, Neon & UV Blacklights (glowing picture frame and LED strips)
RENTABLE for $60 if you book this feature before your party date. Otherwise it's $100+tax if booked on the day of. Must be sent immediately via etransfer should you decide to rent them at a later date.

2. For photography rentals, have professional studio lighting equipment available (brand: Paul C Buff). These are billed via eTransfer AFTER you have confirmed your booking.

(Please add tax)
- $100 for the first light. Includes light & stand, 2 triggers, and access to modifiers (i.e. softbox, umbrella, etc.)
- $50 / second light & stand.
- $50 / third light & stand.

+ Also we have multiple coloured backdrops for photoshoots which are billable at $6/foot for whatever is stepped on or touches the ground and then needs to be cut off.

3. Studio assistant: if you need help for your photoshoot we can offer you a studio assistant at the rate of $67+HST per hour. Minimum 3 hour booking.

We are a Toronto photography studio which primarily specializes in renting space to photographers, videographers, producers, makeup artists for makeup workshops, and other artists, but we do frequently host private party rentals, upscale events for corporate clients as well as private events for birthdays, reunions, or family gatherings. If your intended usage of the space is unlisted, please feel welcome to contact us to see if we can host you! Please note, we have video surveillance in place to prevent loss, damage, and otherwise destructive behaviour. Your privacy is important to us and therefore we do not share any of the footage captured on the premises, but if this makes you uncomfortable or you require us to sign a non-disclosure we are more than happy to do so!

Space Specifications

Floor Space (sq. ft.) :
Maximum Occupancy :
Ceiling Height (ft) :


Kitchen :
Washroom :
Residential (Single Occupancy)


Wheelchair Accessibility :
Space + Bathrooms


Types of Use

General Amenities

Accepted Uses

Amenities (Gym, Yoga, Dance & Fitness)

Amenities (Photo Studio, Film Studio)

Amenities (Office & Meeting Space)

Amenities (Event Space, Banquet Hall)


Cancellation policy: Strict

100% refund if renter cancels more than 7 days before the start of the booking.
No refund if renter cancels less than 7 days before the start of the booking.


Unless otherwise stated, the following are prohibited in our entire studio space (and most likely also in the common areas outside of our unit as well). Kindly read this list carefully, to avoid incurring various clean up or restoration fees.

If you have ANY questions or concerns about whether something is OK or not, kindly call Management to verify. If Management cannot answer your call, it’s best to assume that the answer is “no" until Management states otherwise. Falsely assuming the answer is yes, may lead you to incurring unwanted fees.

For your safety, and the security of the studio, please:
Keep the studio door closed, at all times.
Lock up any Equipment and lighting gear back up after you are finished your rental, unless otherwise specified in writing by Management.
Do not allow any strangers inside the studio without requesting identification from them. If they claim to be the next renter, have them open the door with their own pin code. If they cannot open the door on their own, they are not allowed in.
Ensure that the studio door is fully closed before you leave. It automatically locks once it is fully closed. (Renter is exclusively liable for full damages incurred as a result of infraction)
No going in any upstairs area of the studio without Management’s prior written permission.

To keep our air quality high, especially for those with compromised breathing and for as long as COVID-19 is an issue, we ask you to observe the following.

No haze nor fog machines of any kind. ($500.00 CAD fee for infraction)
No smoke bombs, especially none with pigments. ($10,000.00 CAD fee for infraction)
No smoking nor vaping of any kind. ($500.00 CAD fee for infraction)
No drugs or drug use of any kind. ($500.00 CAD fee for infraction)

To keep our curtains, furniture, walls, and floors clean, we ask that you avoid the following, as they are a concern for stains and/or are extremely difficult to clean. Fees for infractions vary depending on the level of damage caused.

No dies in any form, including but not limited to powders or liquids
No body/baby/glamour/sprayable oils
No body shimmers
No glitters
No beverages outside of the kitchen area
No alcohol or food (if you need an exception to this rule, you must request it in writing)

We don’t automatically charge you a cleaning fee. Cleaning fees are optional during the checkout process. Therefore, in order to keep the space looking presentable for the next client after you, in addition to avoiding needing to pay the cleaning fee, we kindly ask that you:

Kindly wear only clean, indoor shoes inside of the studio. No shoes allowed in Blanca Room.
Please move all furniture and items back to the way in which they are arranged in the photos on our website. Place the couch, ottoman, all stools, tables, plants back where they belong.
Only touch furniture, curtains, and Equipment with clean hands
Do not attempt to move any of the mirrors, nor the makeup vanity (they’re all bolted to the walls)
Do not move any plants or garlands which are not situated on the floor. Do not water plants, as they are all fake.
Kindly ensure that the washroom/changeroom is free of any debris, and that all litter is placed in the garbage bin.
If anything appears out of place, kindly put it back or if it is rubbish, please remove it.
If trash bin is overflowing, kindly remove bag when you leave. The dumpster is in the alleyway.
If you used seamless paper backgrounds, kindly cut off the used portion and throw it out before you leave.
If anything is damaged, please send us a picture as soon as you discover it, and before you use it.
No events which are open to the general public. All events must have a clear guest list.
No DJ’s, or bringing your own speakers inside THAT Toronto Studio.
Minimum age to book is 25 years old. If you need an exception to this, please call us.



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Toronto, Canada

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Photographer turned fully-equipped boutique photo studio rental space owner.

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Sam M.
08-12-2020 GMT +0 01h12

Daniel is a gem to work with. He puts the artist and the art being created in his space first. His response time was impeccable and made sure to be there for any day of issues. I highly recommend this space and I will gladly return again soon. Thank's Daniel for creating such a respectful, unique and professional environment.

gersham L.
05-10-2020 GMT +0 05h10

Great place an host quick response


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