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⟐ We are located in North East of Toronto, and ideal for creatives all throughout the GTA. Either

you are from the East or West, our studio is convenient and accessible for all.

⟐ One room is 900 sq. of a creative space, giving lots of room to host small events, and a unique

playground for artist and creatives.

⟐ Our large double windows bring lots of natural light to our photography studio.

⟐ A kitchenette with a sink, cabinets and countertop is included making it possible to allow

catering for intimate events.

The Luna Studios is located in the North East of Toronto. Our studio is a 900 sq. of a studio space with 2 large-sized double windows giving the perfect natural light for photography, video and events. Our room is a careful selection of beautiful European pieces to create a luxury and modern look and to serve a creative space for photographers, videographers, brands, influencers and other artists that are looking for a unique space to create some magic!

Our Interior design and decor is suitable for all types of fashion shoots, bridal portraits, wedding parties, maternity, family, commercial and editorial work. We want to build a community with like-minded creatives who inspire to connect, create and grow they're crafts.

We really hope you find your home here.

Space Specifications

Floor Space (sq. ft.) :
Maximum Occupancy :
Ceiling Height (ft) :


Kitchen :
Washroom :
Residential (Single Occupancy)


Wheelchair Accessibility :
Not Wheelchair Accessible


Types of Use

Amenities (Gym, Yoga, Dance & Fitness)

Amenities (Photo Studio, Film Studio)

Amenities (Office & Meeting Space)

Amenities (Warehouse, Industrial Space)

Status (Warehouse, Industrial Space)

Occupancy :

Amenities (Theatre, Concert & Performance)

Amenities (Event Space, Banquet Hall)


Cancellation policy: Flexible

100% refund if renter cancels more than 1 day before the start of the booking.
No refund if renter cancels less than 1 day before the start of the booking.


Cancellation policy: Strict

No refunds for any cancellations, but can be used as store credit for future bookings



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