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Frequently Asked Questions
Why list a space on Spacefy?
Any space can be a creative space:
- Perhaps you have a location that could be used for an event, a photoshoot, film production, performance, workshop, meetup, recording, rehearsal, or whatever else you can think of.
- Spacefy gives you an easy way to list your space and generate additional revenue. Some examples include:
  • Homes that are empty during the day.
  • Restaurants during hours they are closed/off peak or booking out reserved sections.
  • Bars that are closed during the week..
  • Offices and boardrooms that can be used for meetings,shoots or events.
  • - Renting out spaces during these “downtime” periods could equal some additional money for spots that are just “sitting there” anyway.
    - Make additional money: Projects can range in value anywhere from $25/hour to $10,000/day.
    - It’s free to list: We only make money when you do. A small fee is charged on completed bookings only.
    How to book a space on Spacefy?
    From the main page, choose the type of project you want to do, then choose the city you’re looking in, then click ‘FIND IT’.
    You’ll be able to browse through multiple locations. You can even refine the search by specifying the setting or even searching for a specific keyword.

    Browse through the results and once you find a space you are interested in, click on it.
    You’ll be taken to the listing page. From here, to send an inquiry, select the time/date and click the ‘Send Inquiry’ button. Note that you have to be logged in to be able to send an inquiry.

    This is the part where you introduce yourself, and let the host know a bit about you, your project and some specifics about what you plan to do in their space. The more info the better. Some things you may want to bring up here are
  • Type of project
  • Project size
  • Number of staff/cast/crew
  • Type of gear.
  • Whether you carry any kind of production/event insurance
  • Anything else that you feel is important.
  • It’s best to make sure the rules are clear so there are no surprises later. Login
    You can continue to message the host via the ‘Inbox’ on Spacefy. All communication should take place on here. It helps to keep the communication on the platform so that there is a record of the chat and it’s safer for both parties.
    Once you’ve been approved you will have to finalize and process the booking and payment. Rest assured this is safe and secure as we run it all through PayPal.
    What cities are we in?
    Spacefy is based out of Toronto Canada. Being our home base, we’ve made sure there are hundreds of spaces available to book in the GTA and surrounding areas. We’ve also branched out to other creative hubs in North America. Spacefy is currently operating in New York, Los Angeles, Atlanta, Chicago, and Vancouver. The list is growing so keep checking back as we get new spaces every day.
    Don’t see your city? Let us know if you’d like us to bring Spacefy to you by sending us a note at
    How much is it to list on Spacefy?
    Spacefy only makes money when you do; on successful bookings.
    Registering, listing a space, messaging, and posting on Spacefy is completely free.
    As a space owner, once a booking is processed, a 7.5% commission is taken from the booking amount. If you are the party renting the space, a 7.5% booking fee is charged on the booking amount.
    How to reply to a booking inquiry?
    All booking inquiries are found in your ‘Inbox’.
    As a host, you’ll get an email that says you have a booking request and that you should login to review and reply to it.

    Since there are two types of pricing models the way you approve varies.

    ‘Set’ price listings: For listings with fixed pricing, you have three options
    set price
  • MESSAGE: Send a message and get more information
  • APPROVE: Approve the request so they can pay/process the booking
  • DECLINE BOOKING: Decline the request.

  • ‘Flex’ price listing: If you’ve specified a flex price, you have the following options
    set price
  • SEND MESSAGE: Ask questions, confirm, and discuss the request in greater detail.
  • SET RATE / PRE-APPROVE : Specify the rate, change the rate or pre-approve the booking.
  • DECLINE BOOKING: Decline the request.

  • How does payment work?
    Currently, all payouts are processed via Paypal. Once a booking is complete, we will process payout amounts (Total booking amount minus Commission) within 48 hours after the end date of booking. You will receive an email from Paypal with instructions. If you do not have a paypal account, you will be asked to create one.
    Paypal is is a free service to you and won't be charge if you wish to transfer any funds to a bank account in US or Canada.
    Should Paypal not be a suitable option for you or your booking system, let us know at and we can try to accomodate you in a different manner.
    How can I promote my space?
    Your space will be on our platform which is targeted at the very people who are looking for spaces like yours. There are a few things you can do to optimize your visibility and make sure your listing really stands out:
    1-Share your Spacefy listing link on your various social media pages and with anyone who may find it useful.
    2-Share with us your upcoming events, notable visits and appearances, shows, space improvements, promotions, etc. We can use this as part of our marketing campaigns and share via our dedicated social media identities. Email us at
    3-Take some good quality photos of the space. Bright colourful photos of the space that are free from any clutter tend to perform best. Remember to focus on the space as a whole. Highlighting accents is nice, but try and give people a good idea about the size, layout and feel of the space.
    How much are booking fees?
    Spacefy booking fees are derived from a combination of commission fees and processing fees. These fees are deducted from the total amount of a successful booking. The fees are:
    7.5% as a processing fee from creators/renters: This is charged on top of the booking amount.
    7.5% commission from space owners/hosts: Commission is deducted from booking amount to be paid out.
    For example, if the total booking amount is $100 the person booking the space would pay $107.50 and the space owner would receive $92.50.