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What is Spacefy?

Spacefy is an online marketplace that matches creative people with spaces for their projects and productions. We help artists, instructors and creatives find locations suited to their needs while also enabling space owners to generate new revenue from their space.
Why Rent it on Spacefy?

Variety We’ve got estates, lofts, studios, clubs, restaurants, barns, venues, offices and more. If you need a space with a certain look, odds are you can find it on Spacefy.

Simplicity: It’s easy! Browse, book, connect, and transact all in one place. Find spaces from your desk. That means fewer viewings, and appointments.

Affordability With hundreds of spaces ranging from $20/hour to $10,000 /day, chances are we have something to suit your style and budget.

Creative Spaces

How to Rent on Spacefy?

Finding a spot on Spacefy is easy. Here’s how it works in 4 simple steps.

What do you want to do: Head to the homepage and start your search. Select what kind of creative project you are doing. It could be a film/photo shoot, event, exhibit, popup dance/yoga/fitness class or whatever best describes your thing.

Where do you want to do it: Select a city, or if you’re not set on a destination and prefer to be inspired, you can leave this field as is. Click the find button to continue.

Browse the spaces: After you hit “Find It” you’ll be able to browse all the available spaces that match your criteria. They have a brief description and photos along with a listed price point.

Book it: Once you find a spot you like, submit an inquiry to the owner. Once they agree, you can process the booking and pay online. It’s really that easy. Try it now!