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Spacefy Inc. is a publicly traded company on the Canadian Securities Exchange (CSE: SPFY)

What is Spacefy? Spacefy is an online marketplace that connects people in creative industries, such as photographers, filmmakers, musicians, artists, ad agencies, and event planners, with locations to execute their projects. Spacefy's platform allows property owners and managers of venues to list their locations with detailed descriptions, photographs, and amenities. The platform facilitates the negotiation and booking of short-term rentals where a commission and fee is charged by Spacefy to both the renter and the space owner.

Where is Spacefy located?  Spacefy is headquartered in Toronto, Canada. 
Where is Spacefy listed? Spacefy trades on the Canadian Securities Exchange (CSE) under the symbol SPFY.
When was Spacefy’s initial public offering? Spacefy completed their IPO on November 28, 2018.
What is Spacefy’s ticker symbol and on what exchange is it traded? Spacefy’s ticker symbol is SPFY and it is traded on the Canadian Securities Exchange (CSE).
What is Spacefy’s CUSIP number? Spacefy’s CUSIP number is 84624Q102.
When does Spacefy’s fiscal year end? Spacefy’s fiscal year end is December 31st.
Who is on Spacefy’s management team? Spacefy’s management team are Russ Patterson, Judeh Siwady, Alyas Ali, Mat Ste-Marie, and Deidra Hunter. For more information on the management team, please visit our About Us page.
Who sits on Spacefy’s Board of Directors? Spacefy’s Board of Directors are Brad Scharfe, Damian Lee, John R. Anderson, Michael Bradley and Peter McRae. For more information on the Directors, please visit our About Us page.
Who is Spacefy’s legal counsel? Stikeman Keeley Spiegel LLP, Toronto, Ontario
Who is Spacefy’s transfer agent? Computershare Investor Services Inc. located at 100 University Ave, Toronto, ON M5J 2Y1
Who are Spacefy’s auditors? BDO Canada LLP Chartered Professional Accountants and Licensed Public Accountants located at 60 Columbia Way, Suite 300 Markham, ON L3R 0C9
Who to contact for additional information? For general investor information, please email:
or Call 1-844-277-2233 Ext. 711