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Spacefy is an online marketplace that matches creative people with spaces for their creative projects, productions and classes. We help artists, instructors and media creators find locations suited to their needs and enable space owners to generate new revenue from their space.
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The creative community needs space: space to film, photograph, perform, exhibit, collaborate, and more. Finding these spaces is a frustrating process due to limited options, budget considerations, negotiation issues, scheduling, availability and location variety. These are among the most common challenges facing those in the creative industry today.   This problem exists across numerous industry sectors, whether it’s musicians looking for commercial venues to rehearse, casting agencies that require vacant places to hold open auditions, or filmmakers seeking specific locations and backdrops for their shoots.

Reciprocally, space owners face similar issues. Those who are willing to open up their spaces to creative ventures face challenges when trying to find the right outlets to list their spaces. Online classifieds are not targeted at the right demographic; they are not designed to properly list a location’s amenities, sort features or display availability and schedule. Most importantly, none of these options provide a safe place to transact financially between parties. 

The Spacefy platform is designed to be the hub for connecting creative people with spaces to fulfill their creative projects. Anyone from seasoned professional photographers, filmmakers, ad agencies, craft makers or even art students, can find and book from a wide range of suitable spots with ease.   

Spacefy also helps facilitate the monetization of residential, commercial and non-traditional spaces. Whether it’s a home fit for a film, a photo studio, a bar or restaurant during off peak hours, or an empty barn on a farm. Spacefy enables people to make extra money by renting out their spaces for short term rentals and capitalizing on the sharing economy.

This model offers space owners greater ability to monetize their underutilized space with less risks. They can offer shorter rental terms with larger potential gains. The choice of hourly rates and booking gives space owners the ability to rent their space multiple times per day.

Furthermore, for commercial space owners, using Spacefy is “found money”. Many commercial spaces can maintain their regular business operation and “Spacefy” their spaces during off peak or closed hours to generate additional revenue.

All of this can be done simply and easily via the Spacefy platform. Listing, booking and securing transactions are simple processes that are safe for both parties. 
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