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Listing your space costs nothing. Spacefy makes money when you do. A small fee is collected on successful bookings.

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We process, vet and verify hosts and guests. We also provide a safe place to process and transact payments. All on a platform that is simple to use.

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Spacefy targets a select crowd of creative types. We promote featured spaces using social media and community and industry events.

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Whether it's an empty room or luxury estate, amateur to professional, whatever you’re up to, you’ll find a space for it here.

Simple and Safe

Spacefy lets you browse locations, contact space management, request bookings and process secure payment, all on a single platform.

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Spacefy helps you find a spot that meets your unique style and budget. More choice, better value, there is always a space for you on Spacefy.

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Any space holds creative potential.

Filmmakers, photographers and other creative professionals are browsing Spacefy for different types of spaces to fulfil creative projects and events. Your place can be that space. Whether it’s a home, studio, nightclub or event space, list it and make money.

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